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The Best Sports Betting Ads

Betting and gambling companies have been responsible for some of the best and funniest sports related ads hitting our television and the internet over recent years. Here are some of our favourites.

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September 14, 2014   Comments Off

Top ten tennis ads of all time

We have all laughed or been motivated by many a sporting ad over the years, with most focussing around soccer or football. However, with the US Open set to start on Monday it is time to look back at some of the best tennis ads in recent times.

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August 26, 2013   Comments Off

The Best Sports Commercials On Television, From EA Sports To ESPN

Modern technology has turned commercials, one of the foundations of the American television viewing experience, into a shadow of their former selves. Ads are now easily avoided thanks to the plethora of viewing options that allow the view to skip over ads altogether, limiting the cultural resonance of even the best campaigns.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t good commercials out there. While many Americans can watch their Netflix-streamed seasons of Mad Men and Breaking Bad sans commercials, sports fans remain a captive audience for Madison Avenue to broadside with uber-cool ads, because sports are still best enjoyed live. The incentive to do commercials big and flashy is higher than ever before.

There are a slew of quality sports-themed ads on television right now, hawking products from insurance to the new edition of the FIFA video game franchise (but no Betfair Football or other betting ads as this is the US). Here are some of the best.

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September 28, 2012   Comments Off

The 10 Most Profitable Old-Media Companies

This infographic should be titled 10 Most Profitable Old-Media Companies as it does not really have many new media companies listed.

10 Biggest Media Companies
Source: via BusinessPundit

Still interesting to see things in perspective. Most of these companies make their money selling advertisements. Marketing rules the day.

August 14, 2012   Comments Off

Best Football Ads

Football advertising has seen it’s share of great and not so great ad campaigns over the years – but when done right, football ads have the capacity to unite, engage and build common ground with football fans worldwide. No other sports gives you the sort of global access that football can, and as a result, a football ad (be it Betfair or Nike) can reach far more people than your run-of-the-mill product ad spot.

Here’s a look at some of the best football ads:

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May 23, 2012   Comments Off

Common Hooks In Advertising

We’ve covered this theme over and over on AdSavvy: the hooks that work in advertising will always tap into our basic human nature.

Some people call it low-brow. We call it good advertising. Here’s to the advertising hooks that we can count on.

The Art of Low-Brow Advertising
From: Top Marketing Schools

March 28, 2012   Comments Off

SuperBowl Commercials 2011

2011 superbowl commercials

At AdSavvy we’ve come to the conclusion that one of the 10 biggest events of the year is the release of the SuperBowl Commercials for that year. We even think it should be considered an entirely separate event from the Super Bowl. Because really, it’s a cultural phenomenon.

The day after the SuperBowl each year, all of the top searches on Google are people looking for this or that superbowl commercial. The most popular videos on YouTube end up being superbowl commercial videos. More people talk about their favorite super bowl commercial at work the next day then they do about the SuperBowl itself.

It will be no different in 2011. Long after people remember the game, people will still be talking about the commercials.

This year, AdSavvy will be posting every single 2011 SuperBowl commercial on our site. We will also be providing analysis and our votes for the best Super Bowl commercials of 2011.

January 31, 2011   Comments Off

Yep, Sex Still Sells

A few years back we did a fun little feature titled The 25 Sexiest Banned Commercials of All Time and we regularly feature sexy ads on the site.

Last week we saw the following article make the rounds on the Internet: 12 Ads that Prove Sex Still Sells. And it got us thinking… does anyone really need proof that sex sells?

October 25, 2010   Comments Off

Sam Katz: He Kicks Children in the Face – Mock Political Ad

Back in August, Sam Katz, the incumbent mayor of Winnepeg accidentally kicked a teen in the head during a charity soccer match between some adult city workers and a team of kids from the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba. The video went viral and achieved semifame on the internet among Canadians. Now a clip from that video has shown up in a hilarious mock ad supposedly paid for by an unknown group called “FOPATKITFOC” or, “the Friends of People Against the Kicking in the Face of Children.” Nice.

Robert Mackey at the New York Times blog calls it the “mock Canadian attack ad of the year”.
Check out the original video of the facekick, complete with audio:
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October 15, 2010   Comments Off

Kitten Mittons & Dick Towels: The Reason Why ‘Always Sunny’ is the Best Show on TV Right Now

In the Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode “Paddy’s Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens”, the gang tries to come up with various marketable products in an attempt to build the Paddy’s Pub brand.

Frank comes up with a gun that shoots alcohol directly into your mouth, Mac comes up with the dick-towel (, and Charlie comes up with the now world-famous ‘Kitten Mittons’. An excellent episode about advertising and marketing. Best episode yet. Check out the complete, uncensored Dick Towel video after the jump:
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October 14, 2010   Comments Off