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Adam Pacitti and The Girl Of MY Dreams

Adam Pacitti started the website TheGirlOfMyDreams after he supposedly had a dream of a girl of such amazing beauty, that he felt he had to find her in real life. So he drew her, and he posted the drawing online along with a video. Fortunately for us and everyone who loves hilarious things, Adam draws like a 5 year old. Yes, you saw it correctly in the video. Here is the girl of his dreams:

I’m still torn over whether Mr. Pacitti is a genius or slow-witted goon. If this is fake, he’s a genius, and he’s found a way to bring hundreds of thousands of people to his website and get exposure in the national media. But his website doesn’t have any ads, so it looks like he’s not making any money from whole thing. That means it may not be fake, and that’s a disturbing concept for me.

Here’s a line from his website:

I don’t think that I dream about people that don’t actually exist. Whether they are friends, family, or people that I’ve seen on television; everyone that has ever been in my dream I’ve seen somewhere. I genuinely believe that this person exists.

Really? Did you hear who else was in that dream? Zombies. Yes, it was a dream about zombies. Does he think zombies exist in real life, and that he just saw a few in his daily travels and worked them into his dream? My mind is boggled by his strange logic.

So, Adsavvy-ites, I leave it to you… what do you think about this one? Real or Fake?
Like I said, I’m still uncertain, so leave me your conclusion and your reasoning.

And meanwhile…
I’ve been inspired by Mr. Pacitti’s quest, and I’ve decided it’s time for me to try to settle down with my dream girl as well. Here is my dream drawing, as best as I can’t draw it. Bear in mind, I’m not an artist.


Also bear in mind, this picture doesn’t even begin to convey her fantastical beauty. She was perfect in every way, almost inhuman, unreal… dreamlike. But I’m sure she exists because why would I dream about someone who doesn’t exist, right? That’d be crazy.
But let me just clarify:
- She doesn’t actually have a lazy eye.
- She doesn’t have bald spots all over her head.
- She has a nicer smile.
- Her boobs are less like balloons and more like boobs, in fact they’re quite like Kate Nash’s boobs.

Other than that, the drawing is pretty accurate.