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Axe/Lynx Adverts – Sexiest and Most Sexist Commercials Ever?

Axe and Lynx Sexy AdsAre Axe/Lynx Adverts the sexiest and Most Sexist television commercials ever?

(In different parts of the world the brand is called either Lynx or Axe which makes writing a post such as this a bit awkward)

Chatting with some friends about their favorite ads, it seems the guys all agree that there is humor there, and a lot of appreciation for, uh, the female form. The ladies though are anything but amused. In particular there is the implication that just a whiff of the stuff will send women to lose all self control. We wish!

What do you think? Here is a small selection of “evidence” for the prosecution …

Lynx/Axe Effect

Bom Chicka Wah Wow

Lynx Airline Advert