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Be Prepared For Black Friday and Cyber Monday


If you’re unaware, have forgotten, or have been living in Soviet Russia for the past decade, step out of your time machine and onto the fertile ground of faux-capitalist America… it’s almost BLACK FRIDAY. The time of great discounts is nearly upon us. Prepare, prepare!

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and it’s generally considered the first day of the holiday shopping season when stores start their special deals and discounts, and when you can usually get some of the best deals of pre-Christmas season. Cyber Monday, on the other hand, is the online shopping equivalent of Black Friday. It’s the Monday right after Black Friday and is really more of an advertising gimmick than an actual heavy shopping day. Either way, there are deals to be had on both days, and they’re fast approaching, so you need to get yourself together and make sure you’re ready for the traditional ultra-feast of American consumerism.


Strangely, there hasn’t been much advertising for Black Friday this year, despite the fact that stores need to do well this holiday season to help pick up for the very weak consumer spending up until now. Usually, half of all retailers annual sales are from holiday spending. So it’s a big deal for sellers, they’re much more nervous than you are.

Retailers, this year especailly, are going to be pushing products with deep discounts, so get out there and take advantage of it. You’re not only buying things that will make your friends and family happy, but you’re helping the economy. You are a patriot, are you?

Either way, if you’re going out on Black Friday, the most important thing is being prepared. Review some of the websites at the bottom of this post, and make a list of what you want to buy, how much it’s going to cost, and where you’re going to buy it. Your list should be prioritized – as in, the stuff you really need at the top, with stars or some snazz like that around them. Remember that stores don’t have an unlimited supply of goods, so they might run out of some of the things you want, in that case, it’s good to have a back up plan like a second item to replace the first. Make sure you write down the sale prices and which stores has the best deal for each product, that way you can lay out a route of stores to hit in a certain order so you get things done super efficiently.

AdSavvy Hot Tip:
When you’re waiting in line outside a store before it opens, make sure you mentally determine the weakest and frailest member of the crowd, that way, when the doors do finally open and the crowd starts to run, you can knock that person down. This will have the effect of slowing down the crowd behind you, giving you a few precious extra seconds to snatch up that super cheap flash drives or GPS navigator. Buy Buy Buy!


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