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Remember Kylie Minogue’s Banned Agent Provocateur Commercial?

Let me refresh your memory:

Agent Provocateur constantly pushes the envelope when it comes to sexy advertising. This Kylie Minogue ad came out in December of 2001 and caused a huge hullabaloo. It was banned by UK TV networks (all 1 of them, the BBC), and it ended up only able to be shown in movie theaters.

Luckily it made it’s way to the internet and became one of the most viewed videos ever. Some estimates say this particular video has been viewed over 360 million times. Sex sells.

Finished watching? Ok, stand up…

November 7, 2008   Comments Off



One more reason that the EU freaks hate freedom: Some of them want to take a “zero tolerance” approach to sexist advertisements. Any time I hear the words zero tolerance, it gives me the willies, in any situation.

Anyway, various women’s rights groups and Members of European Parliament (MEPs) are suggesting guidelines and regulations which would end any type of advertising that portrayed women as sex objects or reinforced gender stereotypes.

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September 5, 2008   6 Comments

The 25 Sexiest Banned Commercials of All Time [NSFW]

From notorious campaigns at Victoria’s Secret to consistently gratuitous GoDaddy gems to the new orgy of Axe, the advertising industry loves to push the buttons of the FCC to see just how much superfluous sex and inappropriate T&A it can bless us mere mortals with. Following are the 25 sexiest banned ads you won’t see on TV. Internet, we love you.

1. These days we’re so used to Victoria’s Secret ads being the right of every red-blooded male it’s easy to forget was a shock the original 2004 holiday campaign was. Well, maybe a shock for someone. For guys it was Christmas come early.

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August 18, 2008   6 Comments