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Category — Car Commercials

Richard Gere Fiat Ad Political Controversy

Richard Gere Fiat Commercial

Richard Gere and Fiat have caused something of a political storm over their recent advertising. It seems Chinese authorities are very sensitive to anything Tibet, especially from this particular Hollywood actor …

Gere has been critical of the Chinese governments human rights record. He is also friendly toward Dalai Lama, and has been vocally against their policies toward Tibet. It seems casting was more than just about his leading man good looks.
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June 24, 2008   1 Comment

Chevrolet Transformer Ad Apes Citroen

Chevrolet Transformer Ad Apes Citroen | Ad SavvyOoh, Chevy you naughty people. This smartly presented advert is a clear attack on the famous Citroen dancing robot. What would it really be like to have your car transform and dance around?
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May 16, 2008   Comments Off

VW Shadows Advertisement

YouTube - Shadow PuppetsCount this as yet another advert in the “what is this all about” category.

Really, sometimes I think the advertising guys are on drugs when they have these concepts.
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May 12, 2008   Comments Off

Singing Dog Sells Volkswagen Polo in Cute Advert

VW Car Singing Dog TV CommercialDog sings, cars sell. What a clever advert! Cute plus funny sells. Perhaps not as much as saucy, hot, nubile gyrating models found in other ads, but for family wholesome word of mouth appeal you can’t beat humor combined with a cuddly animal featuring as the star.

In this regard the VW Polo advert delivers in spades.
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April 18, 2008   Comments Off

Honda Problem Playground Advert with Jigsaw Car, Rubics Cube Mural and More

Honda Jigsaw Puzzle Car AdThere seems to be two types of car commercial these days. The bland, same-old-same-old, shiny car on mountain pass, and the innovative “makes you think” type like this one from Honda.

Have you seen it yet? I expect not, as I think it is only aired in the UK, so having it available on YouTube is a bit of a treat.

It features a car made out of jigsaw puzzle pieces, a mural made out of rubics cubes and lots of fun little segments in one short ad.
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April 14, 2008   Comments Off

Innovative Honda Car Advertisement

Honda Car TV CommercialSome of the most formulaic ads, come from the car industry.

How many times do we need to see a shiny car traversing a windy mountain road next to the ocean?

Honda though with this famous commercial broke the mold. Rather than create something bland and forgettable they really crafted something that people took notice of, and more importantly were eager to watch and talk about.
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April 1, 2008   Comments Off