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The Use of Colors in Advertising


All good marketers know that there are subtle psychological cues that can help seal the deal. Aside from the testimony of trustworthy sources, visual cues tend to be the most persuasive tools available to the advertiser in selling his product. Attractive women. Beautiful scenery. Speed. Action. Mouthwatering images of food.

Credit card companies know this well. If there’s any industry that manages to motivate action through subtle psychological cues, it’s the credit card industry. Consider the fact that they attempt and succeed at exploiting the human instinct towards tribalism. “Become a member of an elite club and raise your social status in the process.”

One of the most common tactics used by credit card companies is the use of color branding. Take for example the new Visa Black card that we discussed earlier in the year. In this case, black creates mystique and allure: the Johnny Cash effect.

Then there is the Blue from American Express credit card. American Express has had gold cards, platinum cards, black (the centurion), the clear card, etc. Now they have blue. What cues does this send? It says things like “wide open” “freedom” “fresh air” “new beginnings” – not to mention the fact that most marketers agree that blue is the most universal calming and pleasant color. With this card, AMEX is trying to say “come on in, credit cards can be nice, pleasant things that are good for your health.”

The fact of the matter is that human beings are influenced by subtle, sub-conscious cues. The biggest industries in the world know this well. And they exploit it. Such simplistic concepts have such big effects. So the next time you develop your marketing campaign, pay attention to the colors.

February 10, 2009   1 Comment

The New Visa Black Card To Compete With The AmEx Centurion Card

Introducing the Exclusive Black Card


The Visa Black Card comes with an Exclusive Rewards Program. Apply Now!

A while back, we wrote about the Centurion card, better known as the American Express Black Card, the criteria you need to meet to get one, and some of the competing cards that have popped up to try to get in on that same market niche.

The Visa Black Card – a new ultra-high end card

There are a few of these “ultra-high end” cards out there, most of them issued by various banks or lending groups. Now Barclays Bank has tossed it’s hat into the ring with the Visa Black Card. Check out this website for some information about it.

Visa already has a high end card called Visa Infinite, which is issued by Visa, but the Visa Black card is handled by Barclays directly. Read more about the market for these cards:
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December 4, 2008   6 Comments

The Centurion: American Express Black Card and The Battle For The Big Spenders

Ever since the 1980s, there’s been a rumor that American Express has a special card for the elite members of society. Supposedly the ultra-rich use it to get into the secret floor at Macy’s or the unadvertised underground restaurants of New York. It was cool to think there’s a whole lifestyle that you could gain access to if only you had a special card. Unfortunately, it didn’t actually exist until 1999. That’s when American Express decided to capitalize on the urban legend and make it a reality.

Since then, the Black Card (real name: The Centurion Card) has worked its way into popular culture. Rappers rap about it, writers incorporate it into books and magazines, it’s mentioned on TV shows. It’s the mark of wealth. But how hard is it to get one?
[

October 14, 2008   3 Comments

Secret Agent Man – Chase Fraud Protection Commercial

This commercial from Chase is one of my favorites from a variety of angles.

First, there’s a hidden “easter egg” at the very beginning of the commercial. If you look closely, 007 is spelled out in the background during the first 3 seconds. It’s not easy to pick out, and the average person won’t discover this on the first view. But the two tires make up the 00 and the 7 is made of 2 pieces of wood that come together at an angle.

[

April 26, 2008   Comments Off

Kids Dancing With Backpacks? Yes, and one of the best commercials ever

Let’s say you’re a marketing executive for a billion dollar company and an intern approaches you with an idea. She says, “I have the perfect commercial concept for our product. Let’s put a few kids together and have them dance with their backpacks.” You’d probably think the intern was crazy.

Or, back to reality, you might think I’m crazy for naming this one of the best TV commercials ever, but I really think it is. Here’s why.

[

April 10, 2008   Comments Off

Knowing Nod to 1970s and 80s Geeks

I know, I know, I have featured the work of American Express a lot lately, but I have been in a retro-computing mood lately so I thought I would share this fabulous find for any fellow geeks out there!

March 20, 2008   1 Comment

When Ads are Better Than the Shows

Sometimes an advertisement comes along that just makes me think …

“Why aren’t the shows this good?”

I know some of you will be looking quisically at your screens right now wondering what I was on as I wrote this. Keep with me folks! [Read more →]

March 12, 2008   1 Comment

The Most Effective Credit Card Commercials

The goal of any advertisement is to convince the consumer that he or she would be better off with the advertised product or service. Some products like big screen TVs are very easy to market because they appeal to primitive human desires (e.g. clear, vivid, big high-resolution visual stimulation).

[

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