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Snarky Lenovo MacBook Air Ad

Is it a spoof? Who cares, it’s funny because it’s true, ha.

No preamble, just watch. Naughty IBM Lenovo, Naughty!

April 30, 2008   39 Comments

Kids Dancing With Backpacks? Yes, and one of the best commercials ever

Let’s say you’re a marketing executive for a billion dollar company and an intern approaches you with an idea. She says, “I have the perfect commercial concept for our product. Let’s put a few kids together and have them dance with their backpacks.” You’d probably think the intern was crazy.

Or, back to reality, you might think I’m crazy for naming this one of the best TV commercials ever, but I really think it is. Here’s why.

[

April 10, 2008   Comments Off

Tide Talking Stain Ad – Tide To Go – Super Bowl Commercial

According to YouTube’s AdBlitz, The Tide Talking Stain commercial from Super Bowl 2008 was the number 1 commercial of the year. So let’s take a look at why it worked, and how it’s style can be duplicated as a general marketing principle.

[

March 1, 2008   2 Comments