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Best Ad Ever: LITTLE MAC’s Comeback on Punch Out!! for the Wii

This is a new feature on AdSavvy, it’s called “Best Ad Ever”. And keeping with our extended overuse of hyperbole, we’ll have a new one every week, or every day. I’m not sure yet. Maybe it won’t be back. Whatever.

Little Mac is back. After fifteen years, he’s ready to reclaim his title as W.V.B.A. champ. Fake documentaries are so ‘in’ right now, and this one is excellent. Well played Nintendo, well played.

Official site

PS- I’ve had the above website in my browser for the past hour and a half. I can’t stop listening to the theme music.

Check out the original Punch Out!! ad:
[

May 12, 2009   1 Comment

Japanvertising: Spiderman Selling Apartments


Tokyo resident and blogger on all things Japanese, Danny Choo, caught this image of Spiderman in a suit, selling apartments in the classy Bloom tower project. Japanese people can’t get enough of masked uperheros.

I’d love to know how much the Bloom tower folks had to pay Marvel for that one image.

Danny Choo’s 7pm in Tokyo

February 17, 2009   Comments Off