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Clever Ads for Disney’s ‘Star Wars Weekends’ Special Event

Fett's bags

Star Wars Weekends is basically the Star Wars fanboy activity of the year. It’s an annual event held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park with tons of Star Wars themed shows and games and membrobilia and everything possible you can think of in any way related to the series. Picture a Star Wars convention financed by Disney and designed by Disney Imagineers.

This year, Disney had some really clever print ads made up for the event, mostly having to do with all the Star Wars characters making their way to the event. Anyway, here they are, all 13 of the new print ads from Disney’s Star Wars Weekends advertising campaign. Enjoy:
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May 8, 2009   Comments Off

Ronald Kurniawan behind Sharp’s surreal Plasmacluster air purifier ad – ‘Bacteria’

Excerpt from the print ad

M&C Saatchi has created a beautiful ad campaign for Sharp’s new series of high end air purifiers called the Plasmacluster, just in time for the sickness season and the swine flu. The ad shows a parade of bizarre bacteria, with visible organelles, all marching right up a giant nose.

It’s called “Bacteria“, and the illustration was done by a fantastic artist named Ronald Kurniawan, who I’m quickly becoming a big fan of. According to the agency, they specifically wanted to use his kind of surreal imagery:

“We opted for a light-hearted and surreal visuals to raise the awareness of the serious air pollution problem and just how many harmful substances we are exposed to in our daily environment, even at home.” – Queenie Fan, group account director of M&C Saatchi

Check out the complete, full-sized version of the ad below:
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Joel Bauer and the Art of the Business Card: “OMG, It even has a watermark…”

This is Joel Bauer, his card doesn’t belong in a Rolodex, it belongs on your desk. Framed. Where the picture of your daughter used to be.

This is Joel Bauer, and his business card would go directly into my trash bin. His whole argument for why it’s a great card, the fact that it’s non-traditional and oddly shaped, is the reason. The fact that it doesn’t conform to the traditional 3.5″ by 2″ size means that it won’t fit in my wallet or business card holder. That, compounded by the fact that this guy is obviously a douche and people will see that when they meet him and get his card, means that his $4 dollar cards are going, more often than not, right in the trash.

He’s right about some things though:
Paper quality is important, and so is the ink quality and color. High gloss is nice, and double-sided cards can be super fantastic, but if you can get your point across on one side, I think it always works better. Too much color and mayhem can make the card distracting. He’s right about the message too, it should tell people what you do in a meaningful way, without being confusing and overly complicated. Most importantly, the card needs contact information. Every possible way of contacting you or your business should be on that card. That means, of course, name, phone number, fax number, email, and website.

After the “read more”, we have a collection of some interesting and quality business card designs that actually do work well, as opposed to Joel’s:
[

April 21, 2009   1 Comment

Japanvertising: Spiderman Selling Apartments


Tokyo resident and blogger on all things Japanese, Danny Choo, caught this image of Spiderman in a suit, selling apartments in the classy Bloom tower project. Japanese people can’t get enough of masked uperheros.

I’d love to know how much the Bloom tower folks had to pay Marvel for that one image.

Danny Choo’s 7pm in Tokyo

February 17, 2009   Comments Off

Consensus War: 300+ Top Economists Disagree With Obama’s “No Disagreement” Remark


During a time of controversy, the best way to win over public opinion is to convince the public that there is no controversy. Sometimes, when an issue is too complicated for the general public to make an informed decision on their own, they rely on the opinions of experts, and politicians stop debating the points of the issue, and start debating the consensus. That’s a consensus war. It’s happening with the global warming issue, and it’s happening with the economy. A reasoned, logical debate of the finer points of the fiscal policy won’t convince the average American. The only way to win the hearts and minds of the American people is to tell them the experts opinion.

Recently, Obama attempted to shut down the controversy surrounding his so-called “stimulus” package by saying “there is no disagreement that we need action by our government, a recovery plan that will help to jumpstart the economy.” Then later saying “economists from across the political spectrum agree” on the need for this massive government spending package. Of course, that is not the case. In actuality, many, if not most, economists disagree with the stimulus package. So in response, the Cato Institute took out a full page ad in the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Times, and Roll Call disputing the president’s claim. Hundreds of top economists, including Nobel laureates and prominent scholars from major universities, signed the statement. There were more than 200 economists signatures on the original ad, and over 100 more have signed on since then. Read on to see the original ad:
[

February 10, 2009   2 Comments

New CCTV Posters In UK Train Stations – Posters Better Than CCTV Itself?

The new strangely creepy CCTV poster found in a Brighton, England train-station

The UK is the most watched country on Earth, and still the citizens seem to be increasingly preoccupied with crime. As of 2004, England had one surveillance camera for every fourteen citizens, and it’s gone up since then, all in the name of security.

But do CCTV cameras actually reduce crime? The statistics aren’t all that spectacular for the studies that show a positive result, and most studies suggest that camera density has no overall impact on the levels of crime at all, especially in residential areas. A better idea might be along the lines of the West Midlands Police’s ‘Operation Momentum’ – using posters and an understanding of psychology, instead of cameras, to try to limit crime. Read on:
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December 17, 2008   Comments Off

California Teacher Sells Advertising Space On Tests


Calculus teacher Tom Farber is using the free market to help make up for the school district’s budget cuts – by putting paid advertising on his exams. The school district reduced Farber’s budget to $316, far less than the $500 he says he needs to prepare his students for Advanced Placement exams.

Farber’s pricing: ads on a semester final cost $30; chapter tests and quizes are only $20 and $10 respectively. So far the ads have raised $350, although most of the advertising so far has come from parents who put in good luck and other inspirational messages to the kids. Only about 1/3rd of the space has been sold to local businesses. One particularly clever ad was a local dentist’s “Brace Yourself for a Great Semester!”

But interesting question here is, why is Tom Farber forced to do this to get the money he needs? Public schools are, on average, twice as expensive as private schools, and yet, public schools are having funding shortages, what’s going on?
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December 5, 2008   Comments Off

Some Chicagoans Will Keep Warm and Fed Thanks To Kraft Foods This Holiday Season


Kraft Foods Stove Top brand will be pumping warm air and delicious stuffing into some the chilly bus stations around Chicago this month. Out of the 50 bus shelters getting Stove Top print ads, ten lucky shelters will get specialized Stove Top ads with temporary heating units in the ceilings. The company also plans to hand out samples of it’s new Stove Top Quick Cups instant stuffing in the streets of the windy city.

The new ads read, “Cold, provided by winter. Warmth, provided by Stove Top.” Apparently, this is the first time heated bus shelters have been used for advertising in the US. Why don’t they pump delicious stuffing smell in with the heat? Well, we all remember what happened with the GOT MILK? cookie smell campaign. They pumped in the delicious smell of cookies into various bus shelters around San Fransisco hoping that the smell would get people craving a glass of milk, but instead of making commuters get all hungry for cookies and milk, the snooty SanFransiscans complained. Only in San Fransisco could people complain about the scent of freshly baked cookies.

Anyway, check out a list of all the heated locations and the locations of the free samples:
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December 2, 2008   Comments Off

Daisy Lowe In Nipple Tassels: More Hotness From Luxe Label ‘Agent Provocateur’


We’re big fans of Agent Provocateur here at AdSavvy. They’re hip, they have quality collections, and their advertising is top notch. Plus they always have the hottest models. We can’t get enough, and neither can consumers apparently. Even in economic tough times, AD is doing well.

The company is poised for some rapid expansion following last years’s $120 million dollar acquisition by the private equity firm, 3i Group. There are already 40 boutiques worldwide, including 8 in the US, and their planning on building even more: Boston, Chicago, Bahrain, Geneva, Puerto Barres, Madrid, St. Petersburg, and Germany to name a few. AD also had a fragrance launch party in London recently where Daisy Lowe showed off the goods on the catwalk.
Check out Daisy Lowe’s near-naked hotness; plus more recent sexy adverts:
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November 7, 2008   Comments Off

Helena Christensen The Newest Agent Provocateur Girl


Agent Provocateur is known for it’s very sexy ad campaigns. In the past they’ve had Kate Moss, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peaches Geldof, and recently, Daisy Lowe; all ultra-hotties in their own right. But supermodel Helena Christensen is the newest freshbody in the AP ads.

Agent Provocateur’s ads are always interesting and usually have some sort of story line or theme. This time is pirates; mind-bogglingly sexy pirates. The Danish model stars as a female pirate who’s seducing the captain of the ship she’s attempting to plunder. Their website also has an insanely sexy video starring Christensen and Alice Dellal with cryptic clues and a choose-your-own-adventure feel.

Check out the hotness:
[

November 7, 2008   1 Comment