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SuperBowl Commercials 2011

2011 superbowl commercials

At AdSavvy we’ve come to the conclusion that one of the 10 biggest events of the year is the release of the SuperBowl Commercials for that year. We even think it should be considered an entirely separate event from the Super Bowl. Because really, it’s a cultural phenomenon.

The day after the SuperBowl each year, all of the top searches on Google are people looking for this or that superbowl commercial. The most popular videos on YouTube end up being superbowl commercial videos. More people talk about their favorite super bowl commercial at work the next day then they do about the SuperBowl itself.

It will be no different in 2011. Long after people remember the game, people will still be talking about the commercials.

This year, AdSavvy will be posting every single 2011 SuperBowl commercial on our site. We will also be providing analysis and our votes for the best Super Bowl commercials of 2011.

January 31, 2011   Comments Off

Doritos Most Effective 2010 Super Bowl Ad

Based on purely anecdotal evidence, and our professional opinion, there is no question as to this year’s most effective commercial and the overall winner of the Super Bowl ad wars. Not only was this Doritos commercial the best of the bunch, but the overall best group of advertisements goes to Doritos hands down. They were witty and fun and creative and just plain viral.

Check out the other Doritos commercials below.

February 8, 2010   2 Comments

2010 Super Bowl Ads – Commercial Videos

We’re getting so excited about the 2010 Super Bowl Ads this year that we’ve decided to jump the gun and do a little speculate. Then, as the Super Bowl Ads actually appear online on video sites like YouTube, we’ll post them here with our analysis. For ad junkies, the Super Bowl is like Christmas.

So what’s going to distinguish the 2010 Super Bowl commercials from previous years? You want to know the truth? Nothing. They will still focus on cute little babies, animals and humor. There might be some very subtle sexual innuendo.

Marketers know human nature. They know what moves people. And the 2010 Super Bowl ads will pretty much follow the same formula – hopefully with some added twists. Perhaps the real news will be whether America still approves of Tim Tebow when all is said and done.

Stay posted… Super Bowl Commercial videos to be posted below.

February 3, 2010   Comments Off

The Most Famous Geek Advertisement Ever?

Apple 1984 AdOne commercial stands out amongst all the advertising aimed at geeks through the years. Though you might not have seen it air live, you will certainly know about it and will have seen it since.

Which ad am I referring to?
[

March 18, 2008   1 Comment

Tide Talking Stain Ad – Tide To Go – Super Bowl Commercial

According to YouTube’s AdBlitz, The Tide Talking Stain commercial from Super Bowl 2008 was the number 1 commercial of the year. So let’s take a look at why it worked, and how it’s style can be duplicated as a general marketing principle.

[

March 1, 2008   2 Comments

E-Trade Super Bowl Commercial – The Cute Baby Hook

This year’s E-Trade Super Bowl commercial featured a talking baby sitting in front of the computer doing stock trades. The commercial was a huge success for E-Trade on several fronts.

[

February 25, 2008   Comments Off Witch-Doctor Shrunken Head TV Commercial – The Humor Hook

Commercials such as this one from rely almost exclusively on humor to grab the viewer’s attention and create positive associations with the product (e.g. car shopping with

In this commercial, you actually see a secondary advertising method used, namely celebrity association (here the actor from the popular TV Show Bones is used). But this ad succeeds or fails based on the humor.

[

February 24, 2008   1 Comment

8 ways it could have been even hotter: the Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl commercial starring Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima black and white

1 where were those legs? You’ve seen them– they go on for days. So, tell me… How did the producers manage to keep them off the monitor?

2 the woman was sitting down. The only time the world should be deprived of seeing such a beautiful creature standing up is if she’s on her back, or on all fours.

3 a little more action. A female as gorgeous as Adriana Lima needs to be seen in action to be fully appreciated. Crawling towards you, walking away from you…

4 girl has mad back. Here we have a specimen who possesses one of the most spectacular rear ends known to human existence, and also a few producers who somehow thought we wouldn’t feel cheated out of viewing it.

Adriana Lima boat deck

5 more cleavage, please. The girl’s profession is modeling bras and underwear for a living, so we know she can maximize what she’s got going on. Who’s idea was it to put her in non-cleavage-enhancing lingerie?

6 everything about her was understated. Considering every feature that she has is completely exaggerated, I feel that this particular portrayal of Miss Lima was just downright criminal.

7 that football she was holding obstructed the view. Not that anyone one would mind watching her play any sport… I just know that we would all rather see her stretched out across the goal line.

8 just hose her down. This is one thought that can instantly take you from mental image to full-blown day dream.

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February 19, 2008   2 Comments

GEICO Cavemen Commercial: 2008 Super Bowl – Does Self-Mockery Work?

Inspired by the original GEICO Cavemen commercials, ABC decided to launch a Cavemen TV Show. The show flopped miserably. The Chicago Tribune called it one of the worst 25 TV shows of all time.

Not surprisingly, the show was canceled. And GEICO decided they’d capitalize on the show’s failure by employing a little self-mockery. They aired this commercial during Super Bowl 2008:

The GEICO commercial positions the “real” Cavemen (from the GEICO commercials) as analysts of the “fake” Cavemen from the ABC TV Show, suggesting that the mistake was in using fake Cavemen who wore makeup.

[

February 17, 2008   Comments Off

Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl 2008 Commercial – Most Watched

Victoria’s Secret decided to take a gamble this year and splurge for a $3 million plus commercial during the Super Bowl. The gamble paid off.

According to Nielsen Media Research, Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie commercial in the 2008 Super Bowl was seen by 103.7 million viewers, more than any other.

Why was the ad buy a risk?

Unless the game is close, a 9:45pm commercial in the Super Bowl runs the risk of being seen by far fewer people than a first quarter commercial which is the most consistent quarter for peak viewership during the Super Bowl. For lots of people, the Super Bowl “event” ends at half time. Unless, of course, the game is close.

[

February 13, 2008   3 Comments