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top 8 reasons TV commercials are hotter outside the U.S.

Aside from language (and the incredible array of accents that accommodate them), the United States differs from other countries in one major way—sex.

The use of sex as an advertising tool is much more overtly demonstrated in other countries than in our own. Check out this list of eight sexy commercials from other countries that would never see the light of day in the United States. See exactly how other countries outdo the US in their ability to leave you hot, bothered, and begging for more. [Read more →]

February 25, 2008   2 Comments

Why TV Commercials Suck And How To Fix Them

Commercials during your favourite TV shows are often called “a necessary evil”. To some extent that’s understandable – people need to make money and show paid ads during prime-time television is a great way to do so.

But do commercials really HAVE to suck? Isn’t there some way that we could actually make them better – better for the audience AND better for the companies pushing those ads? I say this because I figure that:

less people hating your ad = more people watching it = more people buying your product

As long as the ad agency remembers to put in a call to action and understands the basics of conversion, the above formula should hold true, correct?

So let’s look at how we can fix the bane that is TV commercials – and it’s quite simple really: find out WHY they suck and remove that irritant without compromising on the basic goal (i.e. sell stuff / promote your brand / etc).

[

February 11, 2008   4 Comments