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clever commercial angle: striptease

When I stumbled across this particular commercial work of art I was ecstatic. This clip seems perfectly constructed, with each of its elements intricately developed.

The visual aesthetics of the set design are flawless. The setting is in the midst of a one-on-one strip tease. The colors are vivid and the fabrics draping every wall are rich in satiny, cushioned texture. A beautiful woman, adorned in racy pin-up-era style lingerie slithers around one solo chair in the middle of the small room. As Screamin’ Jay Hawkins croons the classic tuneI put a spell on you, the lady dances before a gentleman who watches as she slowly dresses herself in fine clothing. And putting the finishing touches on her designer outfit and strutting towards the exit, the commercial comes to a close.

The caption for the commercial boasted “Putting clothes on can be just as sexy as taking them off.” This particular Guess jeans commercial is a strong testament to the truth of that statement.

Still, I am not quite sure why I have never seen this commercial on air. After much thought and consideration, I cannot grasp exactly what it is about this ad that might keep it from airing. Sure, there was a woman in lingerie dancing around, but Victoria’s Secret has already walked that line of sexiness about as finely as it can be walked.

Regardless of whether this ad ever gained any airtime or not, it deserves a little recognition. From a design perspective it has plenty going for it– great music, sexy choreography, brilliant color, and a beautiful model. If not for any of those fabulous qualities, enjoy it for nothing more than your own selfish viewing pleasure.