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DIY, Open Source, Programmable LED Signs with the Peggy 2


So you want an ultra programmable, versatile, high-brightness, RGB LED display that can run animations and scroll text and do all sorts of interesting things. And you want to build it yourself. Well, the internet shall provide.

The Peggy 2 an updated version of the original Peggy LED pegboard display made by EMS Labs. It’s an RGB color version with a bunch of extra updates like easier animation and Arduino capabilities. You can drive up to 625 LEDs covering up to almost a square foot of area with it. And it can be run on 3 D-cell batteries.

So if you’re into the DIY and MAKE stuffs, and you’re handy with a soldering iron, check this one out. Very, very cool stuff; and 100% open-source. Check out a video:

via MAKE