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Get Paid $900 a Month to Use Your Car As a Mobile Billboard


The free market is a beautiful thing, everyone benefits and everyone gets what they want. Just put all the needs and desires of mankind in a pot and sprinkle in some human ingenuity, and out comes all sorts of innovative ways to get things done.

FreeCar Media is one of those innovative solutions. They’re a company that allows regular people to use their personal vehicle as a moving billboard. You just sign up with them and fill out their form. Companies looking to advertise can then browse through FreeCar’s database and pick whomever they want. Once you get picked, FreeCar comes out and wraps your car it in a digitally printed, high quality vinyl advertisement. Then you just drive your car like you normally would, back and forth to work. You can get paid up to $900 a month for that, and most programs last about 3 months, although some are longer and others shorter.

Once the market gets more crowded, it’ll change the dynamics of the pricing and all that, but as for now: Sign me up!