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Honda Problem Playground Advert with Jigsaw Car, Rubics Cube Mural and More

Honda Jigsaw Puzzle Car AdThere seems to be two types of car commercial these days. The bland, same-old-same-old, shiny car on mountain pass, and the innovative “makes you think” type like this one from Honda.

Have you seen it yet? I expect not, as I think it is only aired in the UK, so having it available on YouTube is a bit of a treat.

It features a car made out of jigsaw puzzle pieces, a mural made out of rubics cubes and lots of fun little segments in one short ad.

While the message is intended to be around Honda’s green solutions for the environment, what comes across more strongly is the problem-solving message, innovation and their love of puzzles. You come away with an idea of Honda as fun and clever company. Not a bad positioning I think!

Honda Problem Playground Advert

Making of “Problem Playground” Ad