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How To Stop Ad Blindness: Novelty In Advertising Is Key

Billboards are everywhere, in the city, on the highways, they’re literally everywhere. Consumers block them out, they know where ads will be and they simply ignore them. That is Ad Blindness. So now more than ever, it’s important to change the way you present your product, introduce novelty into your advertising. That’s the goal of guerrilla advertising, using a unconventional tactics on a small budget to make a big impression. But large companies can use these tactics too, with a large budget.

Marketing fanboys have all sorts of names for this different type of advertising: Ambient marketing, Presence marketing, Alternative marketing. But they’re all really the same thing. They entail using the surroundings as part of the ad.

All the ads in this video use the advertising medium differently than normal ads. Instead of posting a picture or logo on the side of the bus, they integrate the doors or the wheels. Store bags take into consideration the way they’ll be carried, so that the handles become part of the ad. It’s this kind of lateral thinking that is so important in marketing today. You have to be able to see the big picture, where the ad will be, how the consumer will see the ad, not just the ad on paper by itself.

Some more examples: