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Marketing: Embedded Advertising and Product Placement Will Make Television Better

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Embedded advertising is basically product placement turned up a notch. Product placement just means the product is in the scene somewhere, like a can of Coke on Dr.House’s table. Embedded advertising means the product part of the story a topic of discussion, like the can of Coke being the cure for Dr.House’s patients disease. Some people absolutely hate it and think shows like that might as well be infomercials. I don’t.

Television is about the advertising, that’s its whole point, it’s why it exists. Now, millions of Americans change the channel during a commercial, or they just get up and go check their email or do something else. Commercials aren’t very effective, in fact, some viewers may take that momentary break to just stop watching TV. They suck, if they weren’t the only way for broadcasters to make money, they’d be banished forever.

Embedded advertising has the potential to do that, help us rid the world of commercials. If it catches on and becomes mainstream, it could reduce the number of commercials since broadcasters really don’t want a break in the action anyway. Viewers will want to watch the shows with the least commercials, and competition will force commercials into nonexistence.