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McCains Surprisingly Good Looking Ad: Man In The Arena

McCain’s recent ad, Man In The Arena, is surprisingly good looking considering his other recent ads. Now, I’m talking from a purely aesthetic point of view. As far as substance goes, this ad offers nothing more than Obama’s American Promise, and everything I said about that ad can be said about this one. But still, it’s very effective advertising; more so, I think, than anything Obama has offered so far.

McCain’s ads to date have been almost entirely negative, usually with a disgusted sounding voice-over talking about things Obama has either done or not done. They were particularly acerbic and difficult to watch. This ad is different though, it optimistic, focused on McCain, and I think it portrays him in a better light to those who don’t really care about issues anyway.

For the ultra slim minority of Americans who do care about actual issues, this ad, as usual, offers absolutely nothing except a pleasing viewing experience with nice music.

Now, I have to re-state that I’m not a McCain supporter, not at all. I get a lot of comments, especially after this post, that Obama is at least better than McCain. I never said he wasn’t, I never said I liked one candidate over the other, they’re both driven solely by ambition and offer basically the same politics. So please, don’t mistake me for a McCain supporter, or an Obama supporter. I’m emphatically neither.