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Microsoft Advertising Fails to Help Brand Issues

I have just been having yet another debate about Mac versus PC. These debates get tiring and I have been on both sides of the argument. After all, I am a Mac fan but have never hated Microsoft. Heck, in the early part of my career made a living out of supporting Microsoft technologies. Even now I write about Microsoft Excel software tools for one of my clients.

The problem is sometimes it has hard to defend Microsoft when some of their advertising decisions make them look even lamer rather than support their brand.

Take their attack ads aimed at Apple. Turns out they used deceptive advertising. First they used actors to be their “real people”, as you can see in the screen grab below where the “store visit” tool less than a second, including researching all the product in store (the bald man is still walking by as she enters, shops and leaves … fastest shopper ever). Then they had to edit the part where they imply the competing Apple products are more expensive than they really are.

Fastest Shopping Trip Ever

Fastest Shopping Trip Ever

Way to help your argument Microsoft!