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Microsoft Advertising Fails to Help Brand Issues

I have just been having yet another debate about Mac versus PC. These debates get tiring and I have been on both sides of the argument. After all, I am a Mac fan but have never hated Microsoft. Heck, in the early part of my career made a living out of supporting Microsoft technologies. Even now I write about Microsoft Excel software tools for one of my clients.

The problem is sometimes it has hard to defend Microsoft when some of their advertising decisions make them look even lamer rather than support their brand.

Take their attack ads aimed at Apple. Turns out they used deceptive advertising. First they used actors to be their “real people”, as you can see in the screen grab below where the “store visit” tool less than a second, including researching all the product in store (the bald man is still walking by as she enters, shops and leaves … fastest shopper ever). Then they had to edit the part where they imply the competing Apple products are more expensive than they really are.

Fastest Shopping Trip Ever

Fastest Shopping Trip Ever

Way to help your argument Microsoft!

December 23, 2009   1 Comment

In Honor of Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame Induction: Get Your Basketball On with Leroy Smith – The Master Motivator

“M.J. was introduced as the greatest player ever and he’s still standing there trying to settle scores,” one Hall of Famer said privately

In the lead-up to and in the wake of Michael Jordan’s big Hall of Fame induction weekend and the (disturbingly petty) speech he gave during it, Nike has been pushing these “Leroy Smith” viral videos. Question is, Who is Leroy Smith?
Check it, Savvyites:
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September 13, 2009   1 Comment

The Folly of Futurism: What Will Michael Jackson Look Like in the Year 2000?

or WTFuturism?


I love speculation about the future, mostly because it usually goes so wrong. For instance, in 1985, Ebony Magazine published an article called “Portraits of the Stars: What They May Look Like in the Year 2000“. In it, they commissioned an artist named Nathan Wright to depict what he thinks “today’s” (1985′s) artists would look like in the year 2000. The best part… Michael Jackson. Read on for the pictures:
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July 17, 2009   2 Comments

Advertising is Everything

July 7, 2009   2 Comments

TAG Heuer’s complete “Duel” ad pits Steve McQueen against Lewis Hamilton: Everyone Loses

TAG Heuer recently ran an ad campaign for their Monaco brand watch. It was a contest to guess the winner of the above “Duel” between two important figures in the history of the Monaco series, Steve McQueen and Lewis Hamilton. The contest officially closed on June 10th, 2009. Apparently, it’s been one of TAG Heuer’s most popular online contests ever.

According to TAG Heuer, Lewis Hamilton won the Duel… but I don’t think anyone wins with this ad. They sliced up the original footage from the Steve McQueen 1971 film Le Mans to shoehorn his image into the ad, and then used a poor quality voice actor that sounds nothing like him to dub over his lines. Ironically though, McQueen’s shoehorn/voiced over performance is better than Lewis Hamilton’s actual performance. And McQueen’s been dead for almost 30 years. Overall, the ad is fairly lame on that level. Still, it has racing footage, so I can’t call it all bad. Check out the full version:
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June 30, 2009   Comments Off

The Mind-Blowingly Vast Scale of Honda’s New Insight Commercial – “Let It Shine”

Honda’s new commercial for the 2010 Insight has a deceptively simple appearance. A series of shapes and patterns flash across what looks like an old Lite-Brite set, or maybe an LED panel, or perhaps even just a series of computer generated dots on the screen. It’s nice to look at and nice to listen to, due to the pretty music playing along. Simple and nice. The interesting part is that the flashing dots are actually the flashing headlights of 1,000 actual Honda Insights. One thousand full sized automobiles, arranged in a gigantic grid in such a way so they appear to be a perfect rectangle from the camera’s vantage point.

Check out the “Making of…” video near the end of this post:
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June 30, 2009   1 Comment

Biggest Asshole in the World: The Silly Goose at Artifax in Philadelphia


I occasionally smoke Djarum cigarettes, and so does my girlfriend. I used to go to a little shop in Northeast Philadelphia called Artifax for them. But unfortunately, after discovering the world’s biggest asshole is currently in their employ, I will no longer be patronizing their establishment.

First of all, I’ll be 30 this week. I’m 6 feet tall, about 175 pounds, and I have a 5 o’clock shadow an hour after I shave. Now, he says I look under 26 so he needed to see my ID. That’s fine, that’s his prerogative, it’s a bit of a douche thing to do since I’m clearly over 18, but it’s fine… IF I were trying to buy cigarettes. The thing is, I wasn’t. Read on…
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May 14, 2009   13 Comments

WTF: Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus Trailer

Ahhh… Debbie Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas, together at last. Plus this movie has a mega shark and a giant octopus, apparently. How can it go wrong? My answer: In every possible way.

I don’t know what the makers of this movie were thinking. Maybe they wanted this movie to be the next Snakes on a Plane; maybe they had a lifelong vision of a mega shark and a giant octopus doing battle, and finally had the chance to make that vision a reality on the big screen. Maybe this is some sort of tax scheme or ploy a la “The Producers”. Who knows. Who cares. Whatever.

May 13, 2009   Comments Off

Bontrust Finance’s MoneySex: “Increase In Currency”

This German ad for Bontrust Finance is… unexpected, to say the least. This sort of thing would never fly in the US. Well done though. Unfortunately, it looks like the Bontrust girl is a total whore. How dare she cheat on Lincoln… and with Mao of all people.
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May 13, 2009   Comments Off

FormulaSexta: Formula 1 on Spain’s laSexta Channel

LaSexta is the sixth nationwide broadcast television station in Spain and, starting this year, the only channel in Spain that broadcasts Formula 1. So they commissioned the creative agency Kotoc to make some intro spots and they came out really nicely. My only complaint is that the ships don’t look like their going fast enough. Other than that, the pod racer feel of the whole thing is pretty interesting and the look is definitely nice.

Check out the rest of the intro spots:
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May 12, 2009   Comments Off