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Richard Gere Fiat Ad Political Controversy

Richard Gere Fiat Commercial

Richard Gere and Fiat have caused something of a political storm over their recent advertising. It seems Chinese authorities are very sensitive to anything Tibet, especially from this particular Hollywood actor …

Gere has been critical of the Chinese governments human rights record. He is also friendly toward Dalai Lama, and has been vocally against their policies toward Tibet. It seems casting was more than just about his leading man good looks.
According to

Fiat said Monday it will keep running an ad featuring actor Richard Gere and a reference to Tibet that has angered some in China and prompted the Italian automaker to issue an apology.

Fiat are not pulling the ad which features Gere frolicking with child monks in the hills of Tibet and say

casting Gere for the ad had not been a “political choice” and was not driven by the desire to “interfere with the internal political system of any country.”

View the advert here: