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One more reason that the EU freaks hate freedom: Some of them want to take a “zero tolerance” approach to sexist advertisements. Any time I hear the words zero tolerance, it gives me the willies, in any situation.

Anyway, various women’s rights groups and Members of European Parliament (MEPs) are suggesting guidelines and regulations which would end any type of advertising that portrayed women as sex objects or reinforced gender stereotypes.

So instead of letting people decide for themselves what advertisements entice them to purchase goods, a government body has to do it for them? Apparently people in the EU are too stupid to know what they want, they need to have it dictated to them. In the United States, if people don’t like an ad, we boycott the product, and they company changes the ad. EU peeps can’t handle that?

This reinforces my belief that all the men and women with any moral fortitude came to America long ago, leaving only whimpering sheep in Europe.

It’s kind of like banning delicious cookies because they’re bad for your health. Shouldn’t people decide on their own if they want to eat the delicious cookies? Pretty soon, the EU will be a land of sexless commercials and bland baked goods, or as I like to call it…NAZI GERMANY!

So what do you think AdSavvyites? Should sexist ads should be banned anywhere? Or should people decide for themselves?