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SuperBowl Commercials 2011

2011 superbowl commercials

At AdSavvy we’ve come to the conclusion that one of the 10 biggest events of the year is the release of the SuperBowl Commercials for that year. We even think it should be considered an entirely separate event from the Super Bowl. Because really, it’s a cultural phenomenon.

The day after the SuperBowl each year, all of the top searches on Google are people looking for this or that superbowl commercial. The most popular videos on YouTube end up being superbowl commercial videos. More people talk about their favorite super bowl commercial at work the next day then they do about the SuperBowl itself.

It will be no different in 2011. Long after people remember the game, people will still be talking about the commercials.

This year, AdSavvy will be posting every single 2011 SuperBowl commercial on our site. We will also be providing analysis and our votes for the best Super Bowl commercials of 2011.