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The Miley Cyrus Brand … or, how to risk $1 billion

miley cyrus smiling

There’s an advertising lesson to learn from the current firestorm surround the Miley Cyrus images forthcoming in Vanity Fair.

Here it is: if your brand is worth $1 billion, think deeply before screwing it up.

Moms and dads don’t want their kids looking up to a girl who poses nude. It’s that simple. The media firestorm is proof of the negative response that parents are giving to these photos.

So there’s no argument to be made. Clearly, Miley Cyrus is trying to grow up. She’s trying to slowly put the Hannah Montana image behind her. She’s trying to transition from being a girl to being a woman.

That’s fine.

But these so called PR experts really need to learn their lesson from the likes of Britney Spears. There is such a thing as going overboard and self-destructing your image. Miley Cyrus is on the verge of ruining her $1 billion empire because of a really, really bad PR decision.

Wait until your 18 to simulate nudity in a magazine. Otherwise, you’re putting you’re alienating the core of your massive fanbase. Miley Cyrus makes money by being a role model…someone that young girls try to emulate. Put that role at risk and the fortune is at risk too.

Now clearly, Miley Cyrus will never go broke. But it’s the difference between thriving or crashing and burning.

Moral of the story: think very carefully about your brand before doing anything controversial.

With every move you make, ask whether you are strengthening or harming your brand.