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The Star Wars Force Trainer May Be The Toy Of The Year


I am so looking forward to the Star Wars Force Trainer.

The Force Trainer is basically a simplified type of EEG machine. It comes with a headset that measures a players brain waves and allows them to manipulate a ball inside a clear 10-inch-tall tube. It translates your brain waves into action, just like a biofeedback machine. This is the first time EEG technology is being used in toy, and the potential uses are endless.

Not only can it work as a fairly inexpensive (it’ll be $90-$100) biofeedback machine to help children learn how to achieve a relaxed state of mind quickly… but imagine what can be done with this thing by some enterprising “home engineers”. This machine translates brain waves into electrical signals, that means with minimal effort, a person could perhaps rig a light switch to the headset, or the power on your TV.

Plus, I think the machine interprets the brain wave signal on a scale, which means it could be programmed to do more than just turn something OFF and ON. With some practice on the machine, a person might be able to change channels with it (up, down, neutral), who knows. I can’t wait until this thing hits the market and the masses get to work. Exciting times in the Empire.