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8 ways it could have been even hotter: the Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl commercial starring Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima black and white

1 where were those legs? You’ve seen them– they go on for days. So, tell me… How did the producers manage to keep them off the monitor?

2 the woman was sitting down. The only time the world should be deprived of seeing such a beautiful creature standing up is if she’s on her back, or on all fours.

3 a little more action. A female as gorgeous as Adriana Lima needs to be seen in action to be fully appreciated. Crawling towards you, walking away from you…

4 girl has mad back. Here we have a specimen who possesses one of the most spectacular rear ends known to human existence, and also a few producers who somehow thought we wouldn’t feel cheated out of viewing it.

Adriana Lima boat deck

5 more cleavage, please. The girl’s profession is modeling bras and underwear for a living, so we know she can maximize what she’s got going on. Who’s idea was it to put her in non-cleavage-enhancing lingerie?

6 everything about her was understated. Considering every feature that she has is completely exaggerated, I feel that this particular portrayal of Miss Lima was just downright criminal.

7 that football she was holding obstructed the view. Not that anyone one would mind watching her play any sport… I just know that we would all rather see her stretched out across the goal line.

8 just hose her down. This is one thought that can instantly take you from mental image to full-blown day dream.

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