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Viral Marketing For The Upcoming Film ‘The Mother Of Invention’

Meet Vincent Dooley, as played by Andrew Bowser. He’s the star of the upcoming film The Mother of Invention, a mockumentary about an aspiring inventor who dreams of winning the annual young inventor’s award. Unfortunately, he’s tried and failed for years, usually losing to Martin Wooderson, his arch-enemy.

Picture a cross between Napoleon Dynamite and The King of Kong, plus it’s about inventors. According to the film’s website, it was shot for an ultra-slim budget of $75,000, raised mostly by their friends and family. And judging from the viral videos online and the trailer for the film, I have a feeling it’s going to be a future cult classic, and make that money back plus plenty. So I’ve compiled all the viral videos related to the film here on one page. Enjoy:

There are 4 different videos on Vincent Dooley’s YouTube channel. Although his Vimeo page has those same 4 videos plus a bunch of others, and some clips not related to the movie, like his portrayal of Zeppo Jonas, the 4th Jonas brother, and my particular favorite, his response to celebrity voting videos.

The Official Trailer

Vincent Talks to Animals

Tears of a Child

Vincent in the Dance Studio

Vincent and the Super Suit

The Macelet

The Inventor’s Corner

Meet Martin Wooderson

Meet Vincent Dooley

Check out more information on the films website: