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Warhammer Online Offering Monuments To Top Players


Mythic Entertainment has come up with an interesting way to make one of it’s games more appealing: monuments to the top players. Bragging rights are a major part of these online games. Players spend countless hours building up their characters, going on epic adventures, trying to defeat bizarre creatures, they deserve some rewards. That’s the whole reason most people play these games, they want to feel like real heroes. And with the market of MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) getting so thick, each game is trying to out-do the other in terms of giving the player the best sense of accomplishment and heroism. So coming sometime this month, Mythic will release the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning’s patch version 1.1, which will be add a feature that creates statues of top-ranked players in the major cities.

Only the best of the best will be getting their names on these statues, the top ten players in each realm. And Mythic has hinted that they may be releasing even more rewards for its best players. They’re pulling out all the stops trying to woo World of Warcraft players over to the Warhammer world.

This is a great idea from Mythic, and it’s probably the start of something big. Most of the other MMORPGs will start doing similar things, offering rewards like statues and special weapons or capes or even real world recognition for the best of the best. It not only draws people into the game and gets them interested in that particular game, but it keeps them playing for longer. It gives them a more tangible reason to spend every waking hour trying to defeat a completely made up evil.