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Who Are The Real Monsters In The Monster Years?


I don’t generally agree with Paul Krugman. Most people in his own profession don’t generally agree with Paul Krugman, but he has a voice and it’s loud in the American scene, so I’ll address it.

He says we just ended “the monster years“; 14 years of monster rule, in fact. I agree with him there, partially. Although I think he completely misses the point. What he fails to address is what caused those monster years. He fails to address the (ir)rationality of the American voter.

The American voter put those monsters in power, the American voter caused the insanity we see everyday in politics. How can you agree with Krugman and say we’ve emerged from 14 years of monster rule and not place any blame on those who elected the monsters?

But now, somehow, they’ve changed? They’ve learned? Today they’re different and renewed and advanced in their knowledge because they elected someone that you agree with? They’re no longer fools, they no longer are drawn by empty rhetoric and entranced by beautifully crafted catchphrases. Well, maybe some, but this time they’re the good catchphrases, right?

Wrong, just because a “good guy” won doesn’t mean the system is right. The system is diseased, don’t let the warmth of Obama sunshine fool you into thinking the last 14 years didn’t happen, because they did, and they happened because of democracy, not in spite of it.

The American voter is the monster, you’re the monster, and the monster years will never end.