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Best Football Ads

Football advertising has seen it’s share of great and not so great ad campaigns over the years – but when done right, football ads have the capacity to unite, engage and build common ground with football fans worldwide. No other sports gives you the sort of global access that football can, and as a result, a football ad (be it Betfair or Nike) can reach far more people than your run-of-the-mill product ad spot.

Here’s a look at some of the best football ads:

Nike Airport Ad

This iconic Nike ad generated excitement in the build-up to the 1998 World Cup in France, and features the favourites for the tournament Brazil and their players in an airport. The likes of Denilson, Romario, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo showcase their skills.

Brazil v Portugal – Nike Ole! Advert

Another vintage Nike ad sees superstars from Brazil and Portugal go head-to-head. Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo again star, but this time they are joined by Ronaldinho, Luis Figo and a young Cristiano Ronaldo.

Nike: Good v Evil

Edgar Davids, Luis Figo and a raft of other Nike adorning superstars showcase their skills and steal the latest Nike ball in this classic ad.

Adidas – 1

A pioneering ad for Adidas, this one sees Raul, David Beckham, Kaka and even Jermain Defoe showboating against a raft of helpless and faceless defenders.

Nike Secret Tournament

A 3×3 secret tournament, this ad had viewers on the edge of their seats in the 2000′s as the stars of the game did battle – with Eric Cantona the announcer and referee in this classic Nike ad.

Nike: Good v Evil (Classic)

An early trendsetter, this good vs evil ad from the 1990′s has Paolo Maldini, Luis Figo, Patrick Kliuvert, Ronaldo and Eric Cantona taking on a group of heavy-handed demons, and winning!

Nike Parklife Ad

This ad featuring home-grown heroes Ian Wright, Robbie Fowler, David Seaman and the mercurial Frenchman Eric Cantona promotes grassroots football, and was an immensely popular ad in the UK.

Adidas 2006 World Cup Ad

Clever and entertaining, this Adidas ad ran in the build-up to the 2006 World Cup, and featured the world’s best players at the time and past greats such as Michel Platini and Franz Beckenbauer.

Nike Write The Future Ad

Nike’s incredibly popular ad released in the build up to the 2010 World Cup. Teaser promos showed Wayne Rooney living in a trailer and highlighted football’s knack of throwing up life-defining moments.

Nike My Time Is Now Ad

Nike’s ad for the 2012 European Championships. A new addition but already a big hit.

Adidas is all in

A brand-defining, cross-discipline campaign by adidas to highlight their approach to sports. Right up there with Nike’s Write The Future ad as having one of the biggest buildups in football advertising.

ITV – It’s Good To Dream (Euro 2012)

ITV’s ad in the build up to 2012 is well-made and documents England’s international tournament track record over the years and how things could have been had things went their way.