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Microsoft To Handle Ads In Blizzard Games


In-game advertising group, Massive Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corp, has announced that it signed a multi-year deal with Activision’s Blizzard Entertainment (maker of Starcraft and Diablo) today. Massive will be delivering dynamic in-game advertising to 18 titles on the Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

But in-game doesn’t necessarily mean in the game… Paul Sams, chief operating officer of Blizzard Entertainment, was quick to point out that there won’t be any ads cluttering up your battle Blood Raven, or worse, Mephisto: “This partnership does not include in-game advertising, as Massive understands and respects our stance against advertising that might detract from gameplay or offend our players.” Good call.

Activision’s major game franchises like “Guitar Hero: World Tour” and “James Bond: Quantum of Solace” are among the 18 titles included in the deal. The youth market is tough to reach with traditional advertising, so this in-game deal will probably end up being very profitable for both parties. Look for in-game advertising to grow exponentially over the next few years until it becomes one of the major advertising trends. Check out the complete press release:
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December 5, 2008   2 Comments