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Some Chicagoans Will Keep Warm and Fed Thanks To Kraft Foods This Holiday Season


Kraft Foods Stove Top brand will be pumping warm air and delicious stuffing into some the chilly bus stations around Chicago this month. Out of the 50 bus shelters getting Stove Top print ads, ten lucky shelters will get specialized Stove Top ads with temporary heating units in the ceilings. The company also plans to hand out samples of it’s new Stove Top Quick Cups instant stuffing in the streets of the windy city.

The new ads read, “Cold, provided by winter. Warmth, provided by Stove Top.” Apparently, this is the first time heated bus shelters have been used for advertising in the US. Why don’t they pump delicious stuffing smell in with the heat? Well, we all remember what happened with the GOT MILK? cookie smell campaign. They pumped in the delicious smell of cookies into various bus shelters around San Fransisco hoping that the smell would get people craving a glass of milk, but instead of making commuters get all hungry for cookies and milk, the snooty SanFransiscans complained. Only in San Fransisco could people complain about the scent of freshly baked cookies.

Anyway, check out a list of all the heated locations and the locations of the free samples:

Here’s a list of the heated bus stop locations, and more importantly… the locations of the proposed free stuffing samples (the * denotes a location with free stuffing samples):

— 16 S. Clark Street (Clark Street & Madison Street)
— 197 N. State Street (State Street & Lake Street)
— 300 N. Michigan Avenue (Michigan Avenue & Wacker Place)
— 431 N. Michigan Avenue (Michigan Avenue & Hubbard Street)*
— 757 N. Michigan Avenue (Michigan Avenue & Chicago Street)*
— 538 W. Madison Street (Madison Street & Clinton Street)*
— 1 E. Washington Avenue (Washington Avenue & State Street)*
— 5 N. Michigan Avenue (Michigan Avenue & Madison Street)*
— 221 N. LaSalle Drive (LaSalle Drive & Haddock Place)
— 533 N. Dearborn Street (Dearborn Street & Grand Street)

So any AdSavvy readers in Chicago, print this list out and head to your nearest homeless man. The homeless will be fed this season, on Kraft Foods.