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Clever Ads for Disney’s ‘Star Wars Weekends’ Special Event

Fett's bags

Star Wars Weekends is basically the Star Wars fanboy activity of the year. It’s an annual event held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park with tons of Star Wars themed shows and games and membrobilia and everything possible you can think of in any way related to the series. Picture a Star Wars convention financed by Disney and designed by Disney Imagineers.

This year, Disney had some really clever print ads made up for the event, mostly having to do with all the Star Wars characters making their way to the event. Anyway, here they are, all 13 of the new print ads from Disney’s Star Wars Weekends advertising campaign. Enjoy:


Event dates:
May 22, 2009 – May 24, 2009
May 29, 2009 – May 31, 2009
June 5, 2009 – June 7, 2009
June 12, 2009 – June 14, 2009