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Sneaky Labels: Mott’s Apple Juice 50% Water For Full Price


This one comes courtesy of The Consumerist

Apparently the new “healthy” Mott’s Plus Light is just regular Mott’s apple juice 50% diluted with water. They both sell for $2.69 too. Sly move, Mott’s.

This was discovered by a reader named Summer from Phoenixville, PA.
It’s good to know, but is it really that bad?

The Consumerist gal seemed a bit peeved by the whole thing, but you can’t really blame Mott’s. Apple juice is super sweet and a lot of people water their juice down. So Mott’s is just offering up a convenient pre-watered version. It’s just good marketing.
Half the juice, toss in some vitamins, top it off with water, and sell it for full price. Everybody wins.