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When an Ad Becomes a Meme

Will it blend?Sometimes advertising is clever enough to make the leap from commercial to something much more. In this particular case the small, geeky, videos have gone from gimmick to internet meme. Forget branding, this is a cult hit!

You know you have a successful ad when people send it to their friends without realizing they are promoting your brand!

On the face of it the concept is simple. Tom Dickson (founder of Blendtec) shoves something into a blender and see what happens. The result though has really hit a nerve, to the point where the ad has spawned a catch phrase often repeated on the holy grail of nerd traffic,

Part of the appeal (and search juice) is from clever choices of things to blend, the Apple iPhone, an iPod, Halo 3, Nintendo Wii … and of course it is just plain fun to watch!

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